Asian Institute of Management and Technology

The Asian Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT) is an initiative of initiative of Gyanjyoti Foundation. Before contacting Honcho, AIMT faced a lot of problems with their existing website. They were not satisfied with their existing website and after getting Honcho’s professional and responsible service they said: "Honcho gave us a complete project with all the features. Now the web portal of our institution is working fine and our students really like it a lot. Thank you for your all good work" - Chief Communication Officer, Asian Institute of Management and Technology.


Problems that they were facing before launching its website?

  • Previous website was not satisfactory.

  • Lack of information,

  • Less user-friendly,

  • No image,

  • No newsletter.

  • No social media connection with website,

  • No support service,

The process was delayed before making the website-

  • Due to lack of information, visitors were unable to get proper information.

  • Getting negative feedback from online visitors.

  • Delay in showcasing services.

  • Lack of online support.

  • Lack of presentation of placement services.

Technological platforms used-

  • CMS- Joomla.

  • Programming language- PHP.

  • Front end- JQuery.

Points to improve upon identified by Honcho-

  • Re-designed the previous website with better look and feel.

  • Updated search relevant information in the new website.

  • CMS helped the institute manage information freely and quickly (more user-friendly).

  • Added regular Newsletter.

  • Connected social media pages to the new website.

  • Added gallery of special events.

  • Added support services.

  • Included a “Contact us” form.



Bancredito International Bank Corporation is an International Banking Entity (IBE), part of an International Financial Services Group with above120 years of involvement in the Banking industry. Based of Puerto Rico but administered by US Federal Laws, with the services dedicated towards individuals and companies looking to diversify funds all over the globe.



  • A project that started in 2012, Honcho began by conducting research and consultations to ensure the requirements of the bank are the focus of the website design and development. Honcho’s team is composed of expert Graphic designers and web development professionals that worked closely with Bancredito to create a contemporary and functional layout and structure for the websites.

Problems that the bank was facing before launching its website-

  • There was no online presence of Bancredito.

  • Lack of instant service.

  • Communication gap between clients and bank operators.

  • Customers cannot deposit cheques without visiting the bank.

Technological platforms used-

  • CMS- Joomla.

  • Programming Language- PHP.

  • Operating system- Unix.

Points to improve upon identified by Honcho-

  • 3 clearly separated platforms for their customers- Personal, Corporate and Private Banking.

  • Aresponsive website to make it user-friendly with all devices.

  • Implemented instant services like opening account (online).

  • online check deposit.

  • free balance statements.

  • 24x7 accesses for banking/customer services.

  • Online mobile banking.

The process was delayed before making the website-

  • Lack of communication.

  • Lack of instant services.

  • Lack of 24x7 customer services.

Weakest link in chain and Honcho’s special steps-



Habitribe is a start-up Private Equity firm which aims to help finishing the housing affordability gap in the United Sates.
Their services-

  • Providing advisory and consulting services to Real Estate investors,
  • Including other Private Equity firms, high-net worth individuals and Financial Institutions.
  • Building a Tribe socially responsible people who help create adaptable housing solutions for hard-working American families.



  • Designed the entire website from Scratch.

  • Developed an HTML5 website from the ground level.

  • Newsletters subscriptions.

  • Two different environments for Investors and Buyers.

Problems that they were facing before launching its website-

  • No online presence.

  • Lack of investor engagements.

  • Unavailability of instant customer support/solutions.

  • Communication gap.

  • Lack of customers and visitors.

What were the points to improve upon identified by Honcho-

  • More investor engagements.

  • Instant customer support/online solutions.

  • Increasing number of viewers.

  • Added Newsletter subscription.

  • “Message us” form with instant messaging facility.

  • Included a Location Map.

  • Linked with Social media pages.

Technological platforms used:

  • Written in PHP (CUSTOM CMS).

  • Front end- Mobile Jquery, HTML5, CSS3.

The process was delayed before making the website-

  • To reach towards customers.

  • To get investors.

  • To solve customer’s problem.

Our special step to improve their unique problem-

  • We made this website bi-lingual.

  • Introduced them with Newsletter subscription.

  • Linked their Social media pages with the website.